How it works?

Connect with people who care for others

  • Give as much as you want
  • Receive as much as you need
  • Buy and sell to a caring community

Let good Karma flow!

How it works?

With myKarma, you can...

  • Give

    Give a gift to those in need

  • Request

    Receive a gift

  • Sell

    Sell to generate an income

  • Buy

    Buy based on people’s karma

and Earn Karma

Build a Karma Profile based on

your positive impact on others

Use a members Karma Profile to help you decide on

giving, purchasing, selling and requesting

In myKarma we believe we all share the World!

  • It’s good to give to people
  • It’s good to tell your needs
  • It’s good to buy and sell to people who support others!
  • It’s good to support a caring community!

Only giving or only selling alone is not sustainable,
so myKarma built a platform where we can do both.

With myKarma, you can also:

  • Be an Anonymous Hero

    Choose to remain anonymous and let your actions speak for themselves.

  • Support

    Give a post a better chance with just one click.

  • Share

    Share a post to inform others and increase its impact.

  • Blog

    Write about your experiences to encourage others.

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